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Our Projects

Projects undertaken:

30 primary school projects in Jharkhand, North Bengal, Lower Assam and Kerala completed with over 2,000 children who never had been to school are at school today.  Most of the schools in remote villages are for the underprivileged children of the tribal communities.
One hospital with capacity of 65 beds meant to serve the rural population of Khunti and the surrounding regions
Two Girls dormitories built for girls to live and study at schools.
20 Clean drinking water/bore well projects for the rural population in Jharkhand and North Bengal, as well as lower Assam
1 Project for Tsunami victims in Andaman Islands
1 Women empowerment project
1 Fishery project
1 Goatry project
1 Adult Education/vocational training project
over 500 children have received some help in the form of scholarship, stipend, clothes and books etc. to have education at school

Presently our concentration is on providing books to build up the libraries in the school we have built over the years so that each school will eventually have a good library for children to read and learn more than just the text books.  It is a serious problem in every school and this is our top priority at this time.  Besides we undertake small projects like, water projects, women empowerment and small agricultural projects to help the farmers produce more.


Religious activities: 

TEACH personnel support the church activities in various churches to strengthen the church and help make disciples.  TEACH president is a full time preacher delivering messages in various Adventist, and Methodist churches in Finland in addition to other churches such as Baptists and Pentecostal churches also occasionally invite him to preach to their congregations.  Pastoral visitation to families in Finland is a special feature of TEACH activities in Finland. TEACH is very ecumenic in its operation and reaches out to people of all denominations.